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Unilever Brands
Pre roll videos
Concept, Art

YouTube pre-rolls animations to create awareness on Unilever’s effort to build more sustainable brands.

To Swear
Films, social campaign
Concept, Art

A fundraising campaign for mental health charity MQ.

If the lack of funding for mental health research makes you swear, that's ok: just turn your swearing into a fundraising activity.

Drunk In Session
interactive film, album cover
Art direction

A YouTube first. "Drunk In Session" is a live performance music video which uses a hack that enabled over 10,000 annotations to be exported into a single YouTube video.

Click buttons to watch the band playing a song at varying levels of drunkenness with virtually no interruption to the music. Additional buttons change the camera angle.

Interactive website
Concept, Art

A Google Streetview + Chrome first.
Using the latest Google Chrome technology the experience asks visitors to input an everyday journey of their choosing.

The website then creates a simulation of their route by stitching Google Streetview and Maps information together whilst simultaneously calculating fuel economy, CO2 emissions and range statistics.

Peroni Grazie
website, social, activation

Peroni GRAZIE was created to honour true, authentic style. Powerful visions that move us, that we feel in our heart. That sometimes we're unable to define, but we can only appreciate.

The long-lasting celebration came to life through a series of interviews, digital content, and live events.

The work was the result of a pitch win @ POSSIBLE London, reporting to CCO Lucas Peon.

Gia Coppola and
Tracy Antonopoulos
speak onstage during
Peroni Nastro Azzurro
Grazie Cinema Series
in New York City.

films, interactive website, social
Concept, Art

Enel Energy were the first Italian company to implement online payment, making paper bills redundant and somewhat of a 'forgotten gesture'.

The digital campaign allowed users to rediscover and interact with a variety of nostalgic, but redundant technologies; including opening a paper bill.

Some of the
forgotten gestures
part of the website
experience and
of the social